I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting TURIA until last summer. I knew it had been a great success, so I thought I’d get to know it properly. I bought a blue navy pair of TURIA. Its 5cm heel was just right for my height so I figured it would go perfectly with my style.

TURIA is a silk espadrille, with open heel, supported by two straps. It is a similar model to TARBES but with thinner straps. When I first wore this sandal, I noticed the extreme smoothness which silk gives to shoes. It felt like going barefoot, and slips on incredibly easily. In fact, it’s been one of the shoes I have worn most this summer and a very welcome addition to my wardrobe. TURIA is going to be another of my classics par excellence.

For lovers of low-heels, NEUS is exactly the same as TURIA but without the 5cm heel. NEUS is another bestseller although I have not tried it yet. I still like wearing medium heels better than totally flat shoes, but if I finally make up my mind, I will tell you about the experience!

Posted by Cristina  |  15/09/2013
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