Luis Manuel is run by the second generation of a family dedicated to the shoe trade since 1957. We started as D'Kate, a Boutique focused on selling leather accessories: handbags and shoes, jackets and suitcases, etc. In 1967, the store took a turn to focus on shoe sales exclusively. The store became a multi-brand shoe store offering a selection of leather shoes, both Spanish and internationally produced, always meeting the criteria of quality-comfort-price.  

In 2008, confronting the crisis in the sector, the store took another turn to focus exclusively on Spanish footwear. In 2009, we committed ourselves to a traditional product manufactured with natural materials: we decided to reintroduce permanently the espadrille back to the shop display with a sole image, the brand Toni Pons.

Toni Pons is one of the most internationally renowned espadrille manufacturers. It started in 1946 as a small factory in Osor (in the region of Girona, Spain) producing espadrilles made of jute with natural rubber sole. The brand, which mainly values comfort, fashion and design, has adapted to the new trends of the sector, keeping a handcrafted manufacturing with natural and high quality materials. came about as a result of the increasing demand by our international customers and the desire of LLUIS MANUEL for traditionally Spanish women's footwear to reach every corner of the world. There are many customers that have requested the possibility to buy footwear online, and finally in 2013, we presented our first virtual shop for espadrilles that has already been running for five seasons, sending espadrilles all over the world.

For the first time, in 2016, the physical shop in Barcelona and the online shop are combining their stock, and customers visiting the online shop therefore have the chance to choose from many more models and colours.


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