What is is the online store of our shoe store LLUIS MANUEL from Barcelona.



What kind of products can I find at is an exclusive sales point for the Toni Pons brand of espadrilles.



How to buy from

To buy from you must be registered. Your personal contact data will be kept securely in our database to optimise future purchases. Your bank-account data will never be recorded. Remember you can cancel or remove your personal data at any time.



To register on our website you must enter your ID CARD number. This field refers to the client’s fiscal ID number (DNI-NINI-SSN-TFN-VAT NUMBER, etc.) It is mandatory under Spanish law for us to request this. If in your country, you do not have an ID CARD, please fill in the field with your driving license number or telephone number.


How do I pay through

Payments through can be made by:



Using your credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA ELECTRON and/or similar) through the LA CAIXA savings bank point of sale. For payments with credit/debit cards issued outside of Spain the issuing bank must be signed up to the SEC (Secure Electronic Commerce) Protocol. Credit/debit cards that don´t meet this requirement will not be accepted.

Payment is made directly through the LA CAIXA website, so ESPADRILLESBARCELONA.COM never has access to customer bank data, which remains encrypted when sent through the network at all times. This guarantees both costumer and merchant safe and effective purchasing.


ERROR WHEN PAYING WITH CREDIT CARD uses a secure checkout. This means an authentication code is required from the credit card holder to complete the transaction.

Authenticating the card holder makes the transaction safer as it prevents fraudulent purchases with stolen credit cards.

Clients can obtain an authentication code from their bank, depending on the bank it will be a code card, SMS confirmation messages or a fixed code for Internet purchases.

In some countries, banks have not yet implemented this secure payment method; therefore, it is possible that during the checkout process an error occurs after entering the card details (DATA ERROR) and the purchase cannot be finalized.      

If you are having problems finalizing your purchase, you can choose the option pay BY CREDIT CARD USING PAYPAL. To do so you will need to select the PAYPAL payment option on our website. A PayPal account is not needed. Our website will redirect you to the PayPal page, and you will just need to follow the instructions to pay with your credit card.


How to secure your card
Ask your bank office for the extra-security credit card code to purchase and make commercial transactions over the Internet. It’s free and guarantees you complete online security when operating over the Internet.



Payments by PayPal are safe. PayPal uploads your financial information and protects it with the top security and fraud-prevention systems on the market. Your financial details are never shared with the merchant. PayPal is fast and simple: you won´t need to introduce the details of your card or bank account to make payments. You only need an e-mail address and password. PayPal is flexible: you choose how to pay - with a debit card, a credit card or a transfer from your bank account.


BANK TRANSFER: accepts payment by bank transfer to its cheque account at the BBVA bank or LA CAIXA savings bank. Once the transfer is made you should send the bank receipt to indicating your order number.



How do I know my order has been processed correctly?

Once your order has been registered in our warehouse you will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding the items you have bought.


How long it will take until I receive my order? uses CHRONOEXPRESS and UPS courier services for shipments. You should receive the shipment in three to 10 days, depending on your area. Items will be sent to the address you provided on your order. It is extremely important that your shipment-address data is correct and precise when completing the customer data because we will be unable to deliver your order if the shipment-address data is incorrect.

The customer undertakes to provide the right address to facilitate order delivery. Breach of this responsibility by the customer releases of all liability regarding delays or the impossibility of delivering your order.

If any problem should arise during the shipment process we will contact you to let you know.



 Who pays the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are not included in the item price provided on the website, but they are displayed before finishing the order placement. Shipping expenses can vary depending on the shipment address of each order. Shipping expenses are paid for by the customer.



The shipping costs are very expensive. Can I use a different courier company? gives you the option of ordering a different courier company with which you work regularly to pick up your order. You may find lower prices. If you choose this option your order will be prepared and an e-mail sent to inform you when and where your courier company can go to pick it up. The customer agrees to pick up items in a maximum of 7 days following reception of the e-mail.

Keep in mind the packaging of your order when looking at the rates:

1 pair of espadrilles = 1.5 Kg (3.3 pounds) of volumetric weight



Who covers customs duty in my country?

Some countries require the payment of customs duties to accept the entrance of items. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer., through the UPS courier firm, offers you the option of arranging the customs duty without you having to go in person. UPS will contact you once the package has arrived in your country and will ask you if you want them to be responsible for the customs check process at the Customs Office.



How can I return an item?

See our reimbursement policy in the Customer Service section.


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