TARBES by TONI PONS was an existential question-mark; a model that drew my attention for its colours, the MULTI was one of my favourites, but I ruled them out because I thought the rubber that joined the fabric together might be uncomfortable or even hurt my foot. But I was wrong, as I found when I finally gave in to temptation and bought a pair of MULTI-coloured TARBES. The first day I wore them I realised within a couple of hours that they had adapted to my feet perfectly. The rubber didn't hurt, it just provided a fitting that a comfortable shoe requires.

Over the course of summer 2011, I went from having one pair of MULTI TARBES to having one in blue and another in beige. In fact, they became the shoes I wore most often that summer; they were so easy to put on and so extremely comfortable that they completely won me over. The TARBES has the same sized heel as the CALDES and also has a younger sister, the EVA, for women who are after a flat wedge. If your taste runs to more conservative styles, there is the same model in plain TER and ELASTIC colours.

Personally I am delighted with this new find. The affordable price tag allows me to pick up a different-coloured version every year in line with what is in fashion clothes-wise.


Posted by Cristina  |  01/11/2012
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