Meeting with Antoni Pons, owner and director of the company Toni Pons

MP: It’s a real success for Toni Pons that, in its 68th year, is at the apex of a strong international expansion.

AP: We believe in the importance of living day to day, in making things better, always with passion for work and in being surrounded by competent staff for design, production, management and commercial activities. We have fine-tuned our skills in seeking out new trends and interpreting the tastes of each country: once you have found the right path, you have to work with patience and confidence and the results will come.

MP: Toni Pons is a brand specialized in the production of jute-soled espadrilles, a product Made in Spain. What can you tell us about this type of footwear?.

AP: Espadrilles originate from the region of the Pyrenees, between northern Spain and southern France. It was intended as a simple shoe, suitable for everyday use by the working class. In the 70s and 80s the concept of the espadrille was transformed into a product related to design, fashion, trends and leisure. Always comfortable, the distinctive element of jute espadrilles is definitely the typically artisan “hand-sewn” flavor.

MP: What makes Toni Pons footwear different from any other?

AP: Our espadrilles combine handmade qualities with excellent fabrics and quality leather, offering a comfortable and lightweight shoe with a strong personality. Our goal is to capture the warm energy of summer and release it through colorful, fresh, natural footwear that is always fashionable. This is how we have built up such a large and loyal customer base.

MP: Although you specialize in jute footwear, you also participate in the main trade fairs for launch of the winter collection. How would you definite it? Who is your target customer?

AP: We are targeting our summer customer base: we believe that many of the features of our warm weather product are also important for the autumn- winter range. The collection focuses on boots and ankle boots, so as to provide footwear that is comfortable, high quality, predominantly made from leather, with trendy and modern details. A “Toni Pons” product.


Posted by Cristina  |  23/02/2014
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