Why a pair of Toni Pons?

Why a pair of Toni Pons?

Because they’ll brighten up your feet.
Because they’re genuine, born from a passion passed down through three generations of the Pons family.
-Because they’re crafted through largely traditional manufacturing processes combined with trend-setting designs that remain true to the Catalan method.
Because of the quality hand-stitching.
Because of the comfortable sole.
Because of the extremely fair price.
Because Toni Pons is the embodiment of tomorrow’s entrepreneur: sincere, social and committed to the environment.
Because Toni Pons loves espadrilles. Listening to him talk about his classic models, sometimes I think that he’s half man, half espadrille.
Because Toni Pons’ human and business values remind me of how important is to go through life without stepping on other people along the way.
Because sharing a passion opens our minds and I think that knowing what I put on my feet is a poetic and personal great start.

Be a part of the genuine passion for the espadrille!

Posted by Lluís  |  06/05/2013
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