Sporty espadrilles


Sport and a healthy life have come into our lives to stay, and fashion reflects these changes in habits, transferring sporty clothing and footwear to the street. Comfortable garments, technical textiles, leggings and baseball caps abandon training rooms to show themselves on the street and to walk freely through any setting day by day.

To complete these looks, or to combine them with other trends, sport shoes have managed to let comfort guide our steps. And together with them, espadrilles, which have evolved including the sport lines in the soles of jute and rubber.

MEI is our sportiest model, because of its design and the materials used. Made in suede and with a rubber sole, its hybrid aspect between sporty and espadrilles is completed with fantastic comfort. The soles of the sportswear have been increasing until they have become a small platform, like in the diverse versions of FEDRA, which combine its sole of 3 cm with suede, canvas or a fabric with a glossy metallic finish. Tied with laces and available in a great range of colours, it is the perfect footwear for walking through the city.

For those that prefer surf shoes with elastic sides, this summer we release two models that are added to the FLORENCE model, the espadrilles in denim with an embroidered floral motif. In order to shine by day and night, there is nothing better than wearing the FONDA-S model, made in a fabric with a metallic finish that will give us an air of sporty chic. And for fashion victims that are lovers of the most special FONDA-LS models, made with sequins in soft shades that form a blurred floral motif, it is the must have purchase of the season.

Posted by Cristina  |  23/04/2017
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