Veganism is not a fashion, it is a way of understanding life that goes beyond nutrition. It involves an ethical alternative to the consumption and dependency of products of an animal origin, reflecting a healthy and respectful lifestyle with animals and nature.

At Espadrilles Barcelona, we only sell products of the Toni Pons brand, which is characterised by the use of natural fibres like jute and rubber in their soles or flax and cotton in the shoe. In addition, the products in our online shop are produced using traditional and artisan methods with special attention to the sustainability of materials and the manufacturing processes.

This season we want to take a step further and meet the demands of our customers, creating a section for vegan espadrilles, in which we bring together all of the models of Espadrilles Barcelona that do not contain leather or any type of animal hide. This section of ecological espadrilles unites more than twenty different models, which range from the most traditional models to the trendiest ones of this season.

Among the new models of this year are three styles of sandals without leather that bring together several of the seasonal trends like the platform and metallic colours, showing that fashion and ecology can go hand in hand. BABELS and BANDOLS has a 3 cm sole and are made with a fabric with a metallic finish, the same fabric that is used for the VELINO and TRITON models, while the two versions of BERTA toe sandals sign up for metallic shades with their finish in the same fabric or with sequins.

The multi-coloured stripes of the NORMA, TARBES and JAVA models brighten any look, giving us the possibility to choose from among the different heights of heels for each one of these vegan espadrilles, which range from a flat sole with the JAVA model to 6 cm with the TARBES model. If we are looking for a touch of sophistication we find various embroidered versions of the TERRA model and the VERA model.

Four of our unisex models meet the requirements to be considered as vegan footwear, involving the classic flat espadrille made of cotton canvas with a sole in natural jute and rubber, hand-sewn with cotton thread in the five factories that belong to the company in our country. The JUTE model is available in five plain colours and the JORDAN model offers us three options of sailor stripes. The six versions of the JAVA model offer us a new striped print and conserves others that have been a success in previous seasons, and we finish with the JASPER model, this year also available in yellow, one of the colours of the season.

Posted by Cristina  |  23/02/2017
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