It is possible to combine comfort and style that is why Espadrilles uses white micro rubber on their soles. Models with this feature will become your favourite footwear, both because they are the latest trend and because of the incredible sensation of lightness you will notice.

Micro rubber, is lighter than other rubbers and therefore, provides your feet with more comfort. Combined with jute it will give you maximum comfort as this material’s flexibility adapts perfectly to the micro rubber, achieving a compact non rigid sole.

Espadrilles Barcelona has four models of espadrilles with white micro rubber for the 2015 summer season. The ANDROS is a blue, denim look alike model, for the more casual, relaxed look; ARA in navy blue suede and white edging; GALIA with a slight wedge, to increase height without compromising comfort; and finally GARBI, a two tone suede wedge in bright colours, great to accentuate any look.



Posted by Cristina  |  24/02/2015
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