If you visit our Shoe Store (on 37 Ferran Street), you will find all year round Toni Pons canvas sandals, known as espadrilles. Toni Pons is our only supplier of this specialized kind of footwear. The reason is simple: we consider Toni Pons the best, providing excellent service to the client, a top-notch manufacturing process (very comfortable shoes, high quality handmade sewing, very resistant fabrics) and an unbeatable quality-price ratio. The Toni Pons brand has been dedicated to manufacturing espadrilles since 1946, and this know-how has been transmitted from generation to generation throughout all this years. If you decide to wear one of his espadrilles, your feet will be very grateful.

His national and international promotional motto could not be other than Espadrille Passion. Toni Pons is an enthusiast of the espadrilles and lives dedicated to them, innovating shapes, textiles and colors every year, and setting trends that his competitors end up following sooner or later.

During winter, we sell all of Toni Pons classic espadrille models in its basic fabrics and colors, including the Bride´s espadrilles made out of ivory satin, a true work of art. You can also find all year round in our window display the real SAVAM's Albarcas Menorquinas, manufactured in the very same island.

Besides our espadrilles, you can also find leather shoes, boots and ankle boots manufactured by Toni Pons and other outstanding Spanish manufacturers such as Luis Gonzalo,  Patricia Miller, Lola Torres, Isaberi, 2D2, Barminton... All of them share a common characteristic: 100% Spanish high quality manufacturing.

Of course, in the summer season, you can find almost all of Toni Pons espadrilles, including the latest models, and a selection of leather sandals from many of the brands mentioned above.

But just to let you know, you won´t find in our shoe store vertiginous heels nor very complicated designs - our criteria is based upon prioritizing the comfort on the latest fashion tendencies and always at the best optimum prices. We offer very comfortable footwear, both modern or classic, from European size 36 (35 regarding espadrilles) (4.5 US/Canada, 3.5 US/Canada regarding espadrilles) up to size 42, (8.5 US/Canada) for all kind of women and for all ages. With them on, we can guarantee that you´ll be able to enjoy the long wonderful walks that our beautiful city offers.

For gentlemen, we also have an espadrille collection all year round. During winter, we offer a wide variety of leather shoes.






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