Shopping on Ferran Street


At the beginning, Ferran Street was named Fernando VII, honoring the king that was ruling on the 20s. There was plenty of elegant jewelry and silverware shop windows and the Barcelona´s bourgeoisie used to walk up and down the street to show off.

Today Ferran Street is practically a pedestrian street with restricted traffic and therefore still a referent for Barcelona´s shopping. You can find there a wide range of stores that offer very high quality products and services. We invite you to have a walk through all of those we consider most interesting.

If we start our walk from Sant Jaume Square and to begin charging our batteries, we recommend you to have any of the sandwiches offered by Barcelona´s best sandwich café. It´s called CONESA and its specialty are hot griddled sandwiches, (you won´t forget the one made with “carn d´olla”!). It´s a very small establishment located at Llibreteria Street number 1 at the corner of Sant Jaume Square. Many times you can see a large row of people waiting there for their turn to order, mostly on lunch time, but if you have time the truth is that the wait is really worth it.

Crossing Sant Jaume Square heading towards Ferran Street, you can admire on your right hand the Palau de la Generalitat and on your left hand the Town Hall, where all the politic life of the city takes place. Many times, while walking in this square, you can find a peaceful group of citizens demonstrating.

If you start descending Ferran Street, the first store you will find on your right hand is the famous store DESIGUAL, with the particularity that this store is dedicated exclusively to the sale of plastic handbags, purses and complements, all of them printed with very flashy colours and designs. A few steps down, at number 45, there is another DESIGUAL store dedicated exclusively to the sale of men and women´s clothes. It's always packed with its signature cheerful and avant-garde clothing for the utmost brave men and women of the city.

Between both DESIGUAL stores, at number 53, there is a store called CALPA where you will find an infinite number of leather purses and all kind of suitcases and travel accessories. Particularly renowed are the purses, handbags and key rings that have engraved the typical sidewalk paving stone of Barcelona.

As we keep walking down, on your left hand, at number 44, you will find the most important specialized store in the city regarding martial arts. It´s called FUJI SPORT, and it's an essential visit for enthusiasts of martial arts.

In the same sidewalk, at number 38, there is a big Basque tavern with a super long counter full of juicy tapas and small sandwiches. It also has a small counter dedicated to fresh oysters. This Bar-Restaurant is at the corner of Passatge del Crèdit, where the restaurant has an elegant covered terrace. As a curiosity, if you approach the number 2 of this passage, you will find a plaque that reminds you that in this particular centenary building the painter Joan Miró was born. On the ground floor of this same building, there is nowadays a big art gallery called ARTEVISTAS where the work of young talents is exposed. Strongly recommended.

But let´s go back to our street. On number 36 of Ferran Street, at the corner of Passatge del Crèdit, CUSTO BARCELONA, one or our most internationally renown designers, is established. Its ultramodern designs and clothing will never leave you indifferent. Its window display is always one of the most creative in the city.

If we cross now the street, always descending, on number 41 we will find the centenary library Sant Jordi, where you will find the most surprising collection of books in any language. You can also order a portion of pizza cooked to the utmost Italian style in the ground floor of number 41, in the Focacceria Toscana.

Next door, on number 39, we find an indispensable store for fine arts enthusiasts. It´s called BELLES ARTS FERRAN and it's specialized in all kind of material for artistic painting, handicrafts, spray painting, pottery and sculpture. It is very popular, always full of people, as it's one of the most important fine arts store in town.

As we keep walking down the street on the left side, heading to Las Ramblas, and on the corner of Avinyó Street, you will find our own shoe store window displays, with the largest and best offer of espadrilles in the city. It´s called Lluís Manuel Shoe Store and we hope to see you there soon to show you how you can give your feet a relaxing shoe.

At number 28 you will find Sant Jaume Church, where wonderful Spanish guitar concerts are often offered.

Besides this church, at number 26, ÍTACA opens its doors offering all kind catalan art products, many of them with decorative elements of Gaudí or Dalí style.

In front of this street, number 25 shares an STARBUCKS coffee shop and a very stylish crowded bar-restaurant called SCHILLING that at night turns into a Cocktail Bar.

In this same part of the street, on your right hand side, there is a narrow alleyway called Rauric. If you get in and walk ten steps, on number 6, you will discover a wonderful centenary store called “El Ingenio” dedicated to the world of circus and costumes. Just the contemplation of its external wooden marquee is a real pleasure.
Going back to our street and crossing to its left sidewalk, at number 22 you will be able to buy any kind of wine or liquor from around the world at Vins-Licors Lafuente store.

Number 18 is taken up by a typical Irish tavern called O´HARA´S IRISH Bar Restaurant, with a wide beer menu and with a huge TV screen inside, where all kind of sport games are shown, mostly soccer.

If we keep walking down the street, at number 16, on the corner of Carrer del Vidre, there is a huge French firm store, LA CURE GOURMANDE. Inside you will find thousands of cookies, sweets and artisan chocolates of all kind of imaginable flavours and shapes. Honestly, it's simply irresistible. If you want to go into Carrer del Vidre Street a few meters ahead, at number 1 you will find an herbalist store called the HERBORISTERIA DEL REI, the oldest one in the city, established in 1823. As you will see, it has been preserved perfectly throughout the years. In this antique herbalist store a big part of the movie The Perfume, starred by Dustin Hoffman, was filmed. Going inside and having a look around is like going back in time to the eighteen century.

To end our walk, if we go back to Ferran Street, at number 2 you can have a delicious Italian ice cream at the Gelateria Giovanni.

At this number 2, our street leads generously to one of the most famous and busy avenue of the world, La Rambla de les Flors, well known as Las Ramblas. Both corners of Ferran Street are occupied by worldly known fast-food monsters, Mac Donald´s store on the right hand and a Kentucky Fried Chicken in front of it.

If you still feel like walking a bit more, don´t forget to join us in our walk throughout the Gothic Quarter!






















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