Ever since I was a young girl I have loathed buying shoes. In Spain, a size 42 shoe for a woman (UK size 7 1/2) was considered a "special size" and meant you had to shop in specialist stores that made you pay through the nose.

I spent my teenage years wearing men's shoes. My favourite were a pair of CAMPER lace-up suede ankle boots, and I always had two pairs, black and brown. When summer came around VICTORIA shoes were my saviour, with their wide range of coloured plimsolls. As time went on and my desire for reasonably priced heels grew, I started buying boots a tad too small. Although they often brought tears to my eyes, I walked around with squished toes for so long that today I can still fit into the odd size-7 shoe without any problems. But as I was saying... I bought my first size 7 1/2 boots in the renowned Barcelona store ALVAREZ, which stocked all manner of shoes, boots and ankle boots... Once I even spent €500 on a pair of ankle boots just for the thrill of being able to fit into them. The second pair of boots in my size that I bought was in a store that opened in the 1990s called ZAPATOTES: they were brown, I wore them for years and years, and although the heels weren't very high, at five foot nine I didn't really need them to be. They were my pride and joy.

Over the years I began to notice different models of wedge-heeled espadrilles appearing in shop windows. I always stopped to admire them, but it was the same old story: they only went up to a size seven. Still, eventually I went ahead and got some and even though they hurt like mad, the fact that they made me feel feminine more than made up for any pain!!

As fate would have it, I eventually married a man who owned a shoe store....I could hardly believe that someone who hated shoes as much as me would end up with someone who was so crazy about them that he would notice the shoes people wore in the street. As time went on, I discovered this wasn't the only thing we didn't have in common, but oddly enough it's our differences that form the glue of our day-to-day lives...but anyway, back to the story...Apart from being happily married, the first time I went along to his shop to see it for myself, I found an entire window devoted solely and exclusively to size 7 1/2 shoes! And finally, after years of pain and suffering, my footwear odyssey came to an end the day my husband introduced me to CALDES.


Posted by Cristina  |  01/11/2012
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