My friend Ana got married on 28 April 2006. When I saw her enter the church her white dress drew my attention for its simplicity and elegance, along with the wonderful beige satin shoes chosen especially for the day.

I was surprised when I arrived at the reception and saw that Ana had changed out of her heels and into a pair of white TONI PONS VALENCIA espadrilles. So curious was I to know why she had chosen this footwear that I just had to ask, and she replied, “They’re so comfortable and elegant; they let me dance all night without worrying about my wedding shoes hurting my feet!” And boy, was she right! She was dancing salsa and having a ball on her special day in her espadrilles while other guests like myself were suffering the consequences of wearing sandals that matched our dresses to perfection, but with an unaccustomedly high heel. The skin of our feet was rubbing against our stockings and the soles of our shoes burned as if someone was performing the process that joins the organic rubber to the esparto grass when manufacturing an espadrille.

I was struck when Ana lifted her dress and proudly showed me her white VALENCIA espadrilles. Since then I have seen many brides choose espadrilles for their wedding day. TONI PON has two specific wedding models, the NU-30 espadrille, the VALENCIA model with satin shoelaces, and the NU-10 espadrille, similar to the CALDES model but also designed especially for brides.

Personally I have yet to have a wedding in a beautiful white dress, but if it happens one day, I have no doubt at all that the NU-10 espadrille model would be my footwear of choice.

Posted by Cristina  |  01/11/2012
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